About Me

Hi, I'm Ashleigh. I have had the good fortune to make myself at home all over the world. Right now it's a magical crystal island in Thailand. Every time I pack my bags I get to experience a new land and culture and figure out what I love (or don't) about where I plant myself. What all this has done for me is to feed my sense of adventure and make me want to have as many fun and learning experiences as I can, while I can, wherever I am.

Image by Ross Silcocks
Image by Ross Silcocks

A Little More Info

  • Been to 20 countries and counting.
  • Grew up in the suburbs of Washington DC; lived and visited all over the USA.
  • Degrees in photography and arts management
  • Nomadic, but nesting in Koh Pha-ngan, Thailand since March 2020.
  • Have the BEST dog on the planet: Calvin

I'll see you along the adventure!