Reaching toward all points of the compass in search of adventure


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Travel | Adventure | Life

Reaching toward all points of the compass in search of adventure


Bienvenue, Wilkommen, Welcome, Come on in.

Quaquaversal in Latin means “turned in every direction,” in other words, “dipping from a center toward all points of the compass.” That’s my life. I want to go everywhere and see everything.

Life is an adventure, even when it’s mundane. Here, I’ll take you on adventures with me through experiences, tips and tricks, suggestions, and images. Travelling, hiking, museum-ing, beaching, dog snuggling, and living life to the fullest.

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Back in Basel

A week ago, my mom and I began our journey through parts of Western and Central Europe. The valley cut by the River Rhine runs... Read More "Back in Basel"

Springtime in Paris

Well, I certainly didn't think I'd be back in Paris so soon! Three and half months have gone by since I left the city of... Read More "Springtime in Paris"

Horror Story

So, I leave with my mom on a 44 day long European adventure tomorrow! Yesterday, I left California to meet my her in Northern Virginia... Read More "Horror Story"

Girls, We Run the World

So, I've been thinking about March being Women's History (Her-story) Month and about International Women's Day, and celebrating my femaleness and the strength of the... Read More "Girls, We Run the World"

Mexican Oasis – Pueblo Bonito Pacifica Review

Was it a dream? I had slept on both flights so that's what it was feeling like. I had gone to sleep by the ocean... Read More "Mexican Oasis – Pueblo Bonito Pacifica Review"

Pro Tip – Do Not Fear the Agents

Not all travel planning is easy, right? Sometimes it's like pulling teeth to get a trip figured out. Putting trip #1 of 2019 together did... Read More "Pro Tip – Do Not Fear the Agents"