A Song of Grief

For Megan

I wrote this poem for my cousin who has suffered great loss. This cousin of mine is vitally important in my life. I may not see her much or get to talk with her all the time, but she is one of those people who I know will never let me fall. Or if I did, she'd be right there at the bottom to help me back up. Thank you for never hiding from me, Megan. Thank you for always seeing me and holding my hand. I will hold yours too.

A Song of Grief

You sang me to sleep, the quiet song of your sobs

You laid by my side, sharing loss, hopes and dreams

You held me so close when I told you my fears

We even laughed, not knowing what laughing means


You let your tears fall, I shed mine alongside

Your deepest sadness, laid bare on display

You revealed me your softness that no one else sees

And when I showed you my shame, you did not turn away


You took hold of my hand, give and take in time of need

With love, reaching o’er land, o’er sea, beyond graves

And although it ached, you trilled lullaby of life sweet

You sing through your grief, for in song you are brave